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Honoring the Beautiful Legacy of

Parris LaShay Hobbs

The Parris Brand is named after the late Indianapolis native and beauty professional, Parris LaShay Hobbs. Parris was a daughter, a sister, a mother, a friend, a stylist and a very dear loved one to many.  Parris had many aspirations of creating a life of beauty and love for her family especially her three sons (Rahmon, London and Jordan) before her untimely passing.  As an incredible hair stylist and hair extension vending entrepreneur, she provided services for many people specializing in many styles and becoming a master barber.

It is with the dignity that Parris taught, the talent that she shared and the passion that she had for the beauty industry that we introduce a company in her honor. With the mantra, "Live On, Beautiful," Parris will indeed, live on through the breath of The Parris Brand. 

May every client we reach experience the security of our sisterhood, the laughter of our friendship, the delivery of satisfaction as the legacy of our beloved she-ro, Parris.

Always in our hearts

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Parris LaShay Hobbs

January 27th, 1983 - June 16th, 2019

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